Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Can Haz Hamlet?

Oh hai. 2B or not? Iz gud question.
Iz better to put up wif dawg or getz ruhvenge
But endz up wif Basement Cat? Oh noes! Iz dead!
Or maybe iz sleeping and jus duzzent care
If kitteh hungry. Dat not so bad akshully.
Ded or sleeping, perchance dream of mice.
Rub mah belleh. Deres the rub.
I shuffles off teh couch but wunders
If Ceiling Cat or Basement Cat real and waiting.
Iz cat carrier ride to sky and no kitteh returns
To say if vet dere or gud or bad.
Iz thunkeded too much an hurts mah hed.
Iz hungry.
To haz cheezburger or no haz cheezburger?
Dat is better question.