Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why I Write for Kids

Okay, so the kittehs are all good fun, but it's time I posted about writing again. I enjoy writing for the adult audience, it's freeing to cuss with abandon and let my characters explore their sexuality. But my heart belongs to kids.


I could pretend that it's because I'm a soccer mom. I spend so much time with children, that it's only natural that I write for them. Between soccer, cub scouts and Sunday school, I spend the majority of my time around those under the age of 18 and I like it that way.


I like kids. I care about the things kids care about. Kids have an innate sense of justice. They like to know that they will be okay. They like to feel that no matter how grim things seem, there is hope. The good guys will win. Order will be restored. The guilty will be punished. I'm down for that.


Kids are honest. By the time we reach our upper teens, we become masters at putting on different faces depending on what the world expects us to be. We choose our own labels and slap them on. But kids will tell it like it is.


Kids are uninhibited. Roll in the mud? Where cowboy boots with shorts? Pretend you're a dog and bark all your words for a day? Why not? I'm down for that too. Which I guess brings me to the real reason I write for kids.


Cause I never grew up myself. I'm always up for a good game of pretend. I love silliness and frivolity and candy. I have trouble behaving like a grown up when I'm surrounded by pompous folks who take themselves waaaaaaaaaay too seriously. Honestly, when I'm watching a political debate, I can't stop thinking it would be hilarious if someone made farty noises right in the middle of a speech. I'd love that.

I read children's literature because I like it. I write it, because I read it.

I hope I never grow up. I've managed it thus far.

Friday, February 15, 2008

I Can Haz Limericks?

Dere once wuz a kitteh from Reading
Who had a very strange feeling
Dat whenever he peed
He wuz being seed
By a kitteh up hi in the ceiling.

Dere once wuz a cat from Frankfurter
Who wished dat he can haz cheezburger
But wuz stuck in teh john
Wif nothing to nom
So instead he killeded UR paper

Dere once wuz a devlish sqirl
Who plotteded to take over world
But he not gets so far.
He wuz squished by a car.
B4 hiz grate plan wuz unfurled.

Dere once wuz a kitteh who wrote
Teh lolrus a ransom note
"I not haz UR bukket
But I noes who tukket
An I tells U fer a cheezburgr an Coke"

Dose were fun to write. Now write UR own limerick and post in teh comments. Dis a a play along week. If U not like to Rhyme, U can writes a haiku.

Teh lolrus mourns it.
Hiz bukket iz losted or
Mebbe waz stolen.

Now iz UR turn 4 kittehs.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I Can Haz King David?

Oh hai. Iz a Psalm fer U today. Iz kitteh translashun. Not King Jamez.

Iz beleef in Ceiling Cat- I no wants anything.
He maded me nap in nice plants

Even tho I walks past valley of bad doggies
I fearz no bitez.

He giveded me fishbowl to drink frum.
Mah foodbowl runned over

I haz no fear.
Celing Cat iz wif me.

Hiz claws and lazer vision
Dey comfort me. Let me show U them.

Ceiling Cat maded cheezburgrs for me
Rite in front of bad doggies.

Surely dis goodness will follows me
Fer all mah nine lives
And I will live in house of Ceiling Cat
Wif mah hoomans and mah fwiends.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Poor Little Thingymablog

Poor little bloggity has been gettin no love, not from me or from anyone else. What's to love about a blog that never gets updated? Yeah. RL or meatspace or whatever you want to call it has been more enticing. I've actually been writing. Don't get to excited, I'm working on a synopsis and query. I've had more fun. At least when you've had a root canal they give you Novacaine first and people understand why you're drooling.

The enticing part? Two new donkeys.

The bad part: We lost one of our horses.

I had planned on a new kitteh last friday and had diligently worked on a bit guaranteed to roll Edgar Allen Poe over in the grave. Kitteh said, "Nevermore," and the piece was lost in the depths of cyber space. Gack! Not sure if I can recover it, but this friday...

Oh yes, there will be kittehs.