Friday, February 15, 2008

I Can Haz Limericks?

Dere once wuz a kitteh from Reading
Who had a very strange feeling
Dat whenever he peed
He wuz being seed
By a kitteh up hi in the ceiling.

Dere once wuz a cat from Frankfurter
Who wished dat he can haz cheezburger
But wuz stuck in teh john
Wif nothing to nom
So instead he killeded UR paper

Dere once wuz a devlish sqirl
Who plotteded to take over world
But he not gets so far.
He wuz squished by a car.
B4 hiz grate plan wuz unfurled.

Dere once wuz a kitteh who wrote
Teh lolrus a ransom note
"I not haz UR bukket
But I noes who tukket
An I tells U fer a cheezburgr an Coke"

Dose were fun to write. Now write UR own limerick and post in teh comments. Dis a a play along week. If U not like to Rhyme, U can writes a haiku.

Teh lolrus mourns it.
Hiz bukket iz losted or
Mebbe waz stolen.

Now iz UR turn 4 kittehs.


Carrie said...

There once was a lady from Texas
who wrote some poems that vexed us
her talent was clear
(after some beer)
someone give that woman a Lexus!

Ha! How's that for a bad limerick?! LOL!!

clockwork9 said...

teh onz wuz a kitteh who wunderd
why lolcatz were made by the hundredz
"Is hard to meowz,
if youse dont stop rite nows
deez lolcatz ur buryin' us under!"

Arachne Jericho said...

Jus a tipz... never
put paws in socket ok?

down 1 life, 8 left

Lori said...

Didn't get a whole lot of takers on the limerick writing, did you?

Matera the Mad said...

me lolz @ kitteh
hai u i haz haiku 2
but no limerick

Mary B said...

Kittehs do not speak
In limericks or haiku
Just eatz cheezburgr

Nope. Folks were afraid to write limericks and haiku.