Friday, January 4, 2008

Kitteh Fairytails

Happy Friday! Here is a kitteh tail for Friday.

Dis story of Goldycat and 3 kittehs Dere a Mama Kitteh, Papa Kitteh, and Babee Kitten. Dey lives together in nice hawz. Wun day, Mama Kitteh maded cheezburger wif gud flavor, but wuz 2 hot. So Kittehs go fer ride on invisible bikes to let it cool off.

In comez bad Goldycat. She sitz in dere beds. She plays wif dere toyz. She eats dere cheezburgers wif good flavor.

Dey comez back and find her. Uh oh. Dis meanz trubble. Dere a big fight. Goldycat triez run away but failz! Oh noes, she is caught. Now whut do? Eat her? Sit on her?

Mama Kitteh haz better idea.

Oh hai. Dat better. Dat story wuz tasty and nootrishus. But wate. Dere is moar.

Oh hai! Iz speshul 2 fer 1 day. I haz won last Catmus Song. Let me sing U it.

U know Wordsmith and Jeanne
U know Carrie, A.J. and Tori!
U know PeeDee and Kristine!
U know Ferret and Lori!
But doez U recall most famus kitteh of all?

Rudy teh lazer kitteh
Had 2 very shiny eyes
And if U evah seen dem
Dey wud makeded U cry
All teh udder kittehs
Wuz afraid to calleded him names
Dey always let scary Rudy
Win dere kitteh games

Den 1 foggy Catmus Eve,
Santy Paws came to say
Rudy wif UR eyes so brite
Won't U guide my slay 2nite?
Now teh udder kittehs still fear him
As Rudy runs teh elf crew
If U has been naughty,Santa Pawz sending him 4 U.
K that wuz fun. But Epiphany iz tomorrow so no more Catmus stuff until December. Hope U enjoy and smileded.


Arachne Jericho said...

Rudy teh lazer kitteh
Had 2 very shiny eyes
And if U evah seen dem
Dey wud makeded U cry


Mary u r gratest.

Is Epiphany the End of Christmas? Are there not more things to stretch it out so I don't have to take the tree down yet?

TJWriter said...

You're astonishingly brilliant. Never in a million years could I be so clever.

And Christmas may be done but there are plenty of classics waiting to become kitteh-ized.

Midnight Muse said...

LOL!!!!! I just read them both out loud, Rumor says "Maow" :D

I'm still laughin' :D BRAVO!!

Mary B said...

Oh hai, Christmas is dun. Sorry, AJ. But have no fear. Grass fades and flowers wither and die, but werds of teh kittehs remain.

Arachne Jericho said...

Tru dat. Thx 4 teh kittehs!!!1!!

Alex Adams said...

ROTFL!! Mary, you're brilliant!

Colby said...

haha...I like it :)

Cynthia Bronco said...

oh hai. Dis made me laff cuz i needed it! Kay. Thnxbai.