Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Can Haz Edgar Allen Poe?

Once upon afternoon, Iz thinkded time to move self soon
An getz off teh couch to look outz door
Butz then I starts to kitteh napping,
if teh dawg wud quit hiz wagging
Every time hiz tail hits teh floor.
I iz annoyed an nuffin more.

mebbe November (iz just cant member) mebbe wuz December.
Or mebbe just dat it waz winter cuz sno outside mah door
I wisheded dat it was Caturday an all gud kittehs cud haz play
Or mebbe mouse or somefin to eat
I needed sum gud kitteh treats
I wished I can haz cheeezburger

I hearded sounds like paper toyz
Dis mebbe prey dat I can scare wif ROAR!
Or other kittehs here to play. Oh joyz!
But sumfing gud waz making noise.
Quick before dere is no moar…
I can has opened door?

Mah hooman can be way too slow.
He only haz two legs u knowz.
So I nipz his ankles an bitez his toez, Den
Faster to teh door he goez but stoopid dawg
He iz in tow and follows hooman to teh door.
Teh dawg must die and nuffin more.

I hatez teh cur so much it makeded all mah fur
Stand on end espushully when teh hooman giveded him frankfurter
Before he finally goez to teh door and opens to see teh stare
Of Basement Cat who standing dere scared dawg under furniture.
Quoth teh kitteh, "Cheezburger."


Rachel Burton said...

Well I had to wander over from AW to see a Soccermom blog. Wow. This takes all kinds of talent I don't even have the words for. And it's hilarious! Do you write your novels in this language too? I can already see the query letter!

Arachne Jericho said...

Hey, you're back! With kitteh lit!


(I haven't been around AW at all, but life's been full of upheaval...)

Kim said...

Poe will never be the same for me now that I've read it in kitteh! =)

matushkadonna said...

I am supposed to be writing my page-a-day.....instead I am LOLing.....:-)

Jen said...

"Nuffin more"!


That was great! Yay for new kitteh lit!

Mary B said...

I'm very happy to be back to writing Kitteh Rhyme. It makes the days go by so nicely.

Up next: Oh hai. Gud bye. Miss Cheezburger Pie. (to the tune of American Pie).