Friday, December 14, 2007

I Can Haz Charlz Dickenz?

A Tail of Two Kittehs

Oh hai. Dis kitteh so speshul.
Dis kitteh failz.

Dis kitteh smart.
Dis kitteh, not so much.

Innocent kitteh iz belifing. Cynic kitteh is bored wit U already.

Dis kitteh haz lightbulb. Let him show U it. Other kitteh haz no picktur for him. Iz all dark.

Lolrus haz a buck. Noooo! They stolded his bucket.

Nuff said.

Dis kitteh can haz cheezburger.
Dees kittehs get nun. So sad. Iz tragedee.

Oh hai. Dis de end part. Hope U enjoy teh kittehs. Waz fun 2 do.

Iz a far, far better thing this kitteh do than he evah doez B4. He goez home now.


Pete said...

The beauty and elegance of this, your latest post, has moved me to tears and a thorough changing of my very soul. Beautiful. Just...just beautiful.

I haz no wordz. Why not? because dey be steelin mah werdz! noooo!

Midnight Muse said...


Ed Pahule said...

I'm not even dignify LOLcatz with a response.

Doh! Darn. :(

Marilyn said...

Hilarious! Where did you get all of these pictures?

Mary B said...

My favorite site is

All the kitteh pics you could want

Arachne Jericho said...


Keep onz goin w/kitteh klassiks! U rule!

wordsmith said...

Ah lovz deh kittez. Kittez (and walruz) R vewy kewl. :) Now, wherz mah cheezburger?

Nita said...


Mary B said...

Oh hai! Next week a Christmas Catmas Classic. ;)

Thursday said...

Catmas classic? Kittehs can haz presents?

Mary B said...

Oh hai! No maus iz stirrin. Iz bcuz good kitteh there. He getz cheezburger.

Anonymous said...

Lol i luvz a good thingymablog... I luv lolcats...

...And yet another epically failed attempt of speaking LolSpeak, made by Kylie.