Monday, December 31, 2007

Rolling Out the Old Year

Okay, so I've neglected my cyber life shamelessly. Meatspace demanded my attention for the last week or so. Okay, the entire month of December was a wash. But I've been busy.

Christmas was great. I went to the Christmas Eve service at church and made it home in time to enjoy the go out on the lawn with my husband and kids and view the full moon through my son's telescope. While we were on the lawn, Santa came by to visit on the fire engine. It's a great fundraiser for the VFD and the kids love sitting in the engine and running the sirens.

It was a little bittersweet because my eldest informed me that he knows Santa is pretend but he likes it anyway. This happened without fuss or drama or a big revelation, just the creeping reality that a fat man in a red suit probably couldn't visit every chimney on planet Earth, even with magic reindeer. But we had a great day and everyone got lots of loot and then we all convened at my sisters for a family get together.

This weekend I ended the year like I started it, with a rejection. It was a bummer because my story had made it to the final cuts for an anthology, but the editor sent me an email to say that although they liked it, it just didn't "fit" into the final collection. Oh well. Something more to submit again in 2008. In fact, the weekend was very busy. I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary, went to a funeral for a friend's mother, overslept and missed Sunday School (and I'm the teacher, oops), and something else. I bought something. I have a new ride.

It's big and shiny and cherry red. I've always dreamed of owning one like this and it's finally mine. It seats three, although more can ride if I shift the panels. It has a changing room and drawers and a place for hay. It's a slant load, but converts into an open stock. 16 feet of beauty! My kids will be riding in style, that's for sure. By now you've probably guessed that I'm talking about a horse trailer.

I don't have to borrow my neighbor's trailer to go someplace. Oh yeah, life is good.

I'll have a special Post-Christmas Kitteh Song for you as a tasty and nootrishus treat tomorrow. Have a wonderful New Year.


Arachne Jericho said...

Happy New Year, Mary!

I updated my giant post of linkage for this. :)

Much luck for the New Year!

TJWriter said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

Mary B said...

Thanks and Happy New Year to y'all too! I did have a good one.

Midnight Muse said...

A new ride ! Good color choice :D

and it's gonna be THE year for both of us, by God. I got two rejections for Christmas, and one for New Years Eve.


Carrie in PA said...

Mary Mary Mary! I just blew a bunch of time reading your blog. :D Very, very cute. I *love* the Fa la la la la ferrets. I saw them on the cheezburger site and made DH get up and come look. (He was slightly less impressed...) I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas! Yay!!

Lori said...

I received a rejection on Christmas Eve this year. Ah well. Onward and upward.

Happy anniversary and congrats on the new ride, Mary.

Ed Pahule said...

Actually, no, I didn't guess it was a horse trailer, but it certainly is a relief to learn you can type in English instead of LOLcatz. That other stuff makes my brain hurt trying to translate it. :)

Ed Pahule said...

Oh, and Carrie? I think those are fa la la opossum, not ferrets.