Friday, December 21, 2007

Twas Teh Nite B4 Catmus

This one was a ridiculous amount of work to do, but also one of the most fun. I have several more kitteh surprises between now and Christmas. But for now.....

Oh hai. Wuz nite B4 Catmus and all thru haus
No one wuz busy, not even bad maus.
Ceiling cat wuz hiding up high sum where
Hoping Santy Paws soon be dere

All gud kittehs were asleep in dere beds
Tasty and nootrishus thoughts dances in dere heads
Even teh lolrus and kitten who haz a hat
Had settled in fer a nice happy nap

Oh noes! Outside such a clatter
I goez to window to see whut da matter
Whut to my wundring eye appears
But invisible slay and invisible reindeer

And dere was a critter wif teeth an sharp claws
I knew rite away he was old Santy Paws
An faster than Supercat, his hoomans they came
And he squeaked an he squeaked as he calleded dem by name

On Wordsmith! On, Jeanne, now! Carrie, A.J. and Tori!
On, PeeDee! On Kristine! On Ferret and Lori!
Up to the rooftop the hoomans dey flu
With a slay full of cheezburgers, an Santy Paws too.

An den in a moment I hears such a fuss
The hoomans say all Ur cheezburgers R belong to us
I goez back inside cuz I hearz a sound
Oh hai! Down chimney comes Santy Pawz wif a bound

Sneaky kitteh crept up close cuz he smellz a cheezburger
Hiz clothes wuz all furry, but dey had a gud flavor.
Wuz tasty. And nootritishus.
Santy Pawz wuz delishus.

So teh lolrus and kittehs getz burgerz from hiz sack
And den dey goez back to dere nap.
Mah belleh all full an iz quiet again in haus.
Who knew that Santy Paws wuz a maus?

Hope U had fun! KTHXBAI!


Midnight Muse said...

*applause* Bravo!! BRAVO!! Author! Author!

A most excellent tail, to be sure :D

*applause* Bravo!!

Pete said...

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. It will make the rounds at my house. You are a God among hoomans!

Arachne Jericho said...

U rox0r! Most excellent LOLcatting evah!

Midnight Muse said...

I just read this aloud to my sister and our two cats, and they were enthralled! It's their new Christmas tradition :D

Mary B said...

Thanks y'all. I tested itout on Meggie and Psycho (my catz). Meg purred approval. Psycho ignored me. That meant they liked it too.

I just hope Santy Paws doesn't get too mad and still brings me cheezburger.

kimmi said...

teeheee, found you love! And loves your blog! And kitties!

Lori said...

That's really good, Mary.